About Us

We are a women-owned gifting studio equally focused on the quality of products featured as we are on the founders that make them.

Our promise is to curate outstanding products while proudly introducing you to the badass, female entrepreneurs that represent the equality long overdue in this world.

So, if you're looking to discover amazing products from inspiring founders, welcome to The Neighborhood! 



Support small businesses through the act of gift giving
Facilitate the discovery of outstanding products and the visionaries behind the brands
Promote love, inclusion, creativity and ambition.   


A note from our founder, March 2020
As the world changes and events occur, so do our priorities in life. As everything around us came to a standstill in the wake of COVID-19, The Giftwell expanded focus beyond wedding welcome gifts—and The Giftwell Neighborhood emerged.
Our team came to a few realizations throughout our ample time of quarantine and reflection. One being, the monumental impact this time is having on our local vendors. These are our hometown entrepreneurs, artisans, and impassioned creators that make up the daily life of our neighborhoods. As they face uncertainty amid falling demand, we’re here to help by making it easy for you to send friends, coworkers, or yourself delicious, treats from our neighbors themselves—besides, we’ve all grown tired of our grocery store stockpiles.  
We’re starting off small but, like always, our ambitions are big. With your support, we’ll continue to show up for small businesses in challenging times and in doing so, remind the people in our lives we’re all in it together. 

Welcome to The Neighborhood

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